U-311 Portable Mini Fan USB Charging Handheld Desktop Fan

Portable Fan USB Charging Handheld Desktop Fan
Product Description:

Model NO. U-311


* Small and portable, it's easy to put in your pocket and bag.

* 2000mAh lithium battery capacity

* Brushless mute motor , stable wind speed and low noise

* USB charging , strong wind

* Reduces power loss and optimizes work efficiency
* Enjoy the cool summertime anywhere


Battery Type: Li-Ion

Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh 

Input Voltage / Current: 5V/500mA ~ 1000mA 

Charging Time: 3 ~ 4hr 

Charge and Discharge Times: 500 times 

Material: Plastic

Color: Pink,Green, Yellow, Blue

Package: Printed Box included Micro USB Power Cable

Size: 105*36*216(H) mm