CL-04: 3-in-1 , Reversible USB connector,Rechargeable battery laser pointer, USB drive and LED torch

3-in-1 Multi-function:laser pointer, USB drive and LED torch
Reversible USB connector
Product Description:

Model No. : CL-04


Compact design, multifunction with rich application capabilities.

* Multi-function : Laser pointer,USB drive and LED torch.

* Reversible USB connector for easy use

* Battery charging status indicator.

* Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for laser pointer  and LED torch power.

* Charge battery through USB port.



Laser color                                        : Red

Laser wavelength                              : 650nm

Laser output power                           : 5mW 

Lithium battery capacity                    : 170mAh

USB drive capacity                            : 4GB~128GB

Size                                                     : 85(L) x 28(W) x 10(H) mm

Charging Indicator                             : Red during charge, Blank when charged.

Body material                                     : ABS

Color                                                   : Green,  Blue,  yellow, Red, Black,  White, Pink, 

Package                                              : Tin Box or Gift Box


* Recharge battery every 2 months for better uses.