OP-101 The world's first miniature Ozone(O3) pen. Keep you away from bacteria and virus always.

Pen type Ozone(O3) generator. Design for personal, portable use.
Product Description:

Model No.  OP-101


* Generate ozone-enriched water. Good for Eliminating bad breath, gargle, tooth brushing, hands sterilization or fruit/vegetable cleaning.

* Mobility : accompany you in home , office , outdoors or  travelling. 

* Keep you away from bacteria and virus every time, every where.

* Electrolytic Ozone  generation process, do not produce any harmful by-product.

* Protect you and just cost you a cup of water !



Body material                          : Stainless Steel

Ozone generation method       : Electrolysis

Ozone concentation                 : 0.4~0.5ppm for 200cc water, per process

Power                                       : Polymer Lithium battery, 250mAh, 3.7V

Size                                          : 150x 12(Φ) mm

Weight                                      : 34 g.

Color                                        : Black, Silver