Model NO: PB-4400A
Product Description:

Model NO: PB-4400A 


Built-in Micro input port and USB output port with intelligent charging system,small,can power the mobiles at the same time.

As for special mobile phone or other devices that has a special interface, such as iPhone 5, iPad, HTC etc, the data cable not included, you can connect the portable bank power by using your original USB data cable.


Battery Type: Li-Ion

Battery Capacity: 4400/5200/6000mAh 

Input Voltage / current: 5V/1000mA 

Output Voltage / current: 5V/1000mA 5V/2000mA 

Charging Time: 6hr 

Charge and Discharge times: 500 times 

Material: Aluminum 

Color: White, Black, Blue, Silver, Red, 

Warranty: One year 

Package: Printed Box included Micro USB Power Cable

Power display: LED light display 4 is 75 to 100%, indicating that 3 is 50 to 75%,  2 is 25 to 50% and 1 is 0 to 25% 

When the LED display and flash, please charge immediately.

Body Charging: Mobile Power MICRO USB charge cable insert to  the hole, and the USB charging cable into your computer to charge the battery, charging will be displayed Marquee number until four lights all lit marquee number. 

Charge your mobile devices: mobile power charge cable into the USB holes, and the charging cable or Iphone4 .. etc. MICRO USB connector and your mobile device combining holes, tap the switch to be charged.